take action

Help change how technology is designed, regulated and used

In a time when technology has become our lifeline, it is more important than ever that we examine the role it plays in our lives and realign it with the interests of people, not profits. 

Share the dilemma

Spark conversation about the harms of exploitative tech and what to do about it

Fight fire with fire

Share the social dilemma on social media with those who most need to see it


Use our Social Dilemma game and discussion guides to examine the impact of the dilemma with others

Have a conversation

Use our Social Media Confessions game and discussion guides to discuss the dilemma online and offline

Get people together

Use our bonus clips and planning materials to host an event as part of our Virtual Tour

Reboot Your Use

Realign your relationship with technology as a tool for connection

Reclaim your screen time

Get tips from film subject and Moment CEO Tim Kendall on how to take back control of your screen time


Use Tactical Tech + Mozilla’s Data Detox Kit to make your experience with technology safer and more secure

rebuild the system

Help build and advocate for a more humane internet

Join the Movement for Humane Technology 

Join film subjects Tristan Harris, Aza Raskin, and Randy Fernando at The Center for Humane Technology to create conditions for radically reimagined technology


From shining a light on political ads to preventing Facebook from following you, Mozilla’s new initiative offers simple, but powerful steps to Unfck the Internet

More ways to take action

Take the Course on Humane Technology

Build relationships with other technologists and learn practical approaches for how to integrate humane tech principles into your product design

Stop Hate for Profit

Join the growing coalition of businesses and consumers who are boycotting their use of ads on Facebook until they stop valuing profits over hate, bigotry, and disinformation

Propose new solutions

Submit your ideas to Reset’s ‘Reset the Future’ Fund or their other Open Calls by Nov. 1, 2020 to help shape the future of our information ecosystem

Block harmful, unwanted ads

Join the Sum of Us community in sending a message to social platforms that their advertising business model amplifies hate and misinformation

Detox the algorithm

Join Avaaz in calling on social media platforms and regulators to end the amplification and monetization of hate speech and misinformation

Create a Family Media Agreement

Use Common Sense Media’s Family Media Agreement and Device Contract to set realistic rules that make sense for your family

Get Digital Wellness Certified

Enroll in the Digital Wellness Institute’s 10-week certificate program to learn research-based Digital Flourishing™️ strategies for your workplace and community. Enrollment remains open until Oct. 19th.

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