Want to dive deeper into the dilemmas featured in the film? Use our discussion guide to discuss the Mental Health Dilemma, Democracy Dilemma, and the Discrimination Dilemma, and then choose from one of our action guides based on your role in the solutions as a family member, student, educator, tech worker, or advertiser.

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In this tech-specific take on Bingo, participants mark how they’ve been played by platforms that manipulate our behavior and hijack our attention for profit – and what they plan to do about it.

… as an individual on Instagram stories

  1. Using your mobile phone, take a screenshot of the game card.
  1. Add the image to your Instagram as a story and tap the highlighter icon to circle your confessions. 
  1. Add a blank card to your story, challenge some friends to play by tagging them and use #TheSocialDilemma so others can join in
  1. Post your story!

… with a group virtually or in-person

  1. Download the game card on your phone, where you can use your phone’s markup or photo editing app to play. Alternatively, download the card on your computer, print it, and use a marker. 
  1. Circle your confessions, leaving the center tile blank for now.
  1.  Show your card to the group and select one tile to share a personal experience around. 
  1. As a group, discuss how you might take action to reduce the negative effects of these technologies on your life, using the suggestions on the page as a starting point.