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Watch Director Jeff Orlowski in conversation discussing ‘The Social Dilemma’ with Anisha Bhandari, Google’s Security Policy Program Manager (Talks at Google)

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First Move with Julia Chatterley (CNN)

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Ex-Google staffer warns social media, apps are ‘Big Tobacco for our brains (Fox News)

‘The Social Dilemma’ Director Says The Internet Is Undermining Democracy (WBUR)


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We need to rethink social media before it’s too late. We’ve accepted a Faustian bargain (Guardian – Op-Ed, Director Jeff Orlowski)

How the frightening network gear threatens health and democracy (Veja – Portuguese)

This Netflix doc tries to explain everything wrong with social media right now (Fast Company)

The People Who Created Facebook & YouTube Are Sorry (Refinery29)

11 things you can do to stop being manipulated by your phone, according to the tech experts on Netflix’s ‘The Social Dilemma’ (Business Insider)

Why The Social Dilemma is the most important documentary of our times (Independent)

Critical Takeaways About Kids and Social Media From Netflix’s The Social Dilemma (PopSugar)

Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ prompts social media users to rethink Facebook, Instagram and others (CNBC)

Documentary Filmmaker Jeff Orlowski Uncovers Invisible Threat With ‘The Social Dilemma’ (Forbes)

The Social Dilemma: How digital platforms pose an existential threat to society (VentureBeat)

This Documentary Will Make You Deactivate Your Social Media (Vanity Fair)

A Horrifyingly Good Doc About How Social Media Will Kill Us All (Indiewire)

‘The Social Dilemma’ Film Review (Hollywood Reporter)

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