The Tour

A series of conversations with those building a humane tech future

In the film we hear from tech insiders about how their products are causing unintended harm to people and society. Now we’re inviting others into the conversation, amplifying those helping us better understand the impact of the dilemma and those working on solutions to fix it.


Roundtable Q&A

Catch the replay from our Roundtable Q&A, the kick-off to our Virtual Tour, with Director Jeff Orlowski and featured film subjects
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Digital Rights are Human Rights

Overhauling Big Tech’s business model and ending online corporate surveillance.

Social media, social distancing & teen mental health

Teens speak out about how social media is impacting them during a time of social isolation.

Social media manipulation & election integrity

Can we count on Big Tech to help protect our democracy?

The Amplification of Hate

How tech algorithms amplify hate speech, misinformation, and discrimination and what we can do about it.
Coming Soon

The Way Forward

It’s time to radically reimagine the infrastrucutre of these technology platforms and adopt a humane way forward.
Coming Soon

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