That toxic feeling? It’s not by accident, it’s by design.
Take back control with a Social Media Reboot.

Technology can be a powerful tool to keep us connected, promote self-expression, and help movements grow. But, the surveillance-based business model that powers social media and search platforms is creating harms that feel increasingly toxic and outweigh their benefits. The unintended consequences of this constant connection are catching up with us in the form of mental health issues, the erosion of a shared truth, and a fundamental breakdown in our ability to relate with one another.

While Ben and Isla in The Social Dilemma struggle to make it a week without their phones, you can take back control of your relationship with technology one step at a time with our Social Media Reboot.

Take a Social Media Reboot and get tips inspired by subjects in the film.

In the next 7 days I PLEDGE TO:


💬 It’s a unique feeling, I’ve had a lot more time to invest in my educational projects. I’ve become more critical about the content I consume on the internet. And I stopped using my cell phone. I am currently trying to use text messages directly with the phone number of the person I want to communicate with. But above all, I feel greater freedom of thought. doing a reboot was a big change in my life.

Sebastian Vera Molina

💬 I am more relaxed, calm and focused on the real things and real life. I have also been able to be more productive and finish more tasks. Not to mention the fact that I can think more on my own (make my own ideas), and decide what I want to see, instead of letting a system decide for me. I am able to communicate much better, and feel connected to the outside world. To summarize, EVERYTHING has improved.