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Fair debate is the heart of democracy. But as revealed in The Social Dilemma, social media algorithms that amplify outrage and engagement are eroding our society’s ability to engage in constructive arguments. The Social Dilemma Debate Project serves to combat the polarization, hate and gridlock that defines today’s culture and politics with a new generation of strong debaters.

As policymakers debate ways to reform social media platforms, we are inviting educators and students to share their perspectives by hosting a debate in their community and uploading a 2-minute video featuring their proposed policy solution.

Selected videos will be:

  • Featured on Newsweek’s social media channels and The Debate news section
  • Shared with our network of legislators and experts working on the issue

Up to 5 winners will:

  • Be featured on a future episode of Newsweek’s podcast The Debate
  • Receive a $500 scholarship to recognize their contributions


Watch The Social Dilemma. Host a screening with your classroom or friends to learn more about the impact of social media on our information ecosystem. Be sure to register your screening below so we can support you with screening materials including a 40-minute classroom edition of the film.

Host a Debate. Use our Classroom Debate Resource to host a debate about whether we should change how we regulate social media. This resource guides students in the foundational tenets of argumentation and supports them in advocating a potential solution to reforming Big Social’s business model.

Get inspired. To help you get started, watch and share our public debate featuring students from the Washington D.C. & Boston Urban Debate Leagues debating ways they believe policy should change to protect the public from the harms of social media.

Upload your video. Record a 2-minute video summarizing your proposal for how we should regulate social media and upload it below by March 21, 2022. Up to 5 selected winners will receive a $500 scholarship and will be featured on a future episode of Newsweek’s The Debate podcast.

register your screening

Register your plan for screening The Social Dilemma and using our Debate Resource.

  • Educators must re-register at the beginning of each semester if they plan to teach the film again.

By submitting this form, I consent to receive email communications regarding my event and periodic updates about other Exposure Labs productions in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Please note: All screenings must adhere to Netflix Terms & Conditions and should abide by local COVID-19 guidelines.


Use this form to submit your 2-minute video proposal by March 21st at 11:59pm PST.

Details about how to record your video can be referenced on Page 8 of the Debate Resource. You must be between 13-25 to submit, and if you’re under 18, you must have a parent or guardian complete this form with you. Full Terms & Conditions below.

  • Contestants must be between 13-21 as of the day they submit to be eligible.
  • Please include city, state (if applicable) and country. Only applicants residing in the U.S. will be considered.
  • Requirements: Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes and under 50MB, shot horizontally, and audio should be clear and in English. See full selection criteria in the Terms & Conditions below.
  • Appearance Release
    Download and sign our Release Agreement. If under 18, you must have a parent or guardian complete and sign the form with you at the bottom.

Terms & Conditions for The Social Dilemma Student Video Submissions

The following are the terms and conditions for submission of your video(s) for consideration by Exposure Labs and Newsweek for possible inclusion in our team’s presentations to legislators and on and the opportunity to appear in person on Newsweek’s The Debate podcast (collectively, the “Program”). NO PURCHASE OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO FOR CONSIDERATION. By submitting your video, you accept and agree to comply with these Terms & Conditions.


The Program is open to individuals between the ages of 13 and 25 who reside in the United States and wish to submit an original video for consideration. Individuals who are under 18 years old must include verifiable consent from their parent or legal guardian for their video to be considered. Individuals under 13 years old are not eligible to submit videos. Employees and family members of employees of The Social Dilemma or Newsweek, or their affiliates, are not eligible to participate. In addition, submissions are not permitted where prohibited by law.


The Program is a joint effort of Exposure Labs and Newsweek (“Producers”), who are responsible for administering the Program in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. The Producers will have full authority to interpret these Terms & Conditions and to accept or reject any video submissions in their sole discretion.

Submission Deadlines

Submissions from eligible participants will be accepted beginning on October 15, 2021 and ending on March 21, 202. Late submissions will not be considered.

Submission Requirements

Video submissions must be approximately two minutes long and must comply with the instructions provided at, including a fully completed submission form and a release form signed by the participant (and a parent or guardian, if the participant is under 18 years old). Participants may not submit more than one video addressing the same topic, but may submit separate videos addressing different topics.

Selection of Videos

All video selections will be determined by a panel of employees and other individuals selected by the Producers. The panel will select videos they feel best present cogent, well-informed, and well-argued positions regarding reform of social media laws. All selections will be made in the panel’s sole discretion, and all decisions will be final. Participants agree to accept the panel’s selection decisions and not to make or publish disparaging statements about the Producers or the Program in connection with any such decisions.

There is no prize offered for selection of any videos. Selected videos may be included in Exposure Labs and Newsweek’s presentations to legislators and other educational and promotional efforts. In addition, the creators of 2-5 selected videos will be offered the opportunity to appear in person to discuss their arguments on Newsweek’s The Debate podcast, and will receive a $500 honorarium each for their participation in such event (subject to applicable tax regulations).

Participants whose videos are selected will be notified in writing by the Producers. In the event any participant who is selected does not promptly respond to such notification or declines to participate further, a replacement video may be selected.

Rights Granted by Participants

By submitting video(s), participants grant a non-exclusive, royalty free license in perpetuity to Exposure Labs and Newsweek to all rights and title in and to such video(s) to the Producers, including the rights to copy, store, edit, distribute, transmit, publish, sub-license and distribute on social media and other media and otherwise use such videos. In addition, Participants agree that their name and image may be used in connection with any use or promotion of the videos, including without limitation on social media, podcasts and websites. No compensation will be due to participants in connection with any use of their video(s), name or image.

Participants further agree that all materials provided are the participant’s property, that such materials comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and that they have all necessary authority to grant all rights provided herein. Participants hereby agree to release, indemnify, and hold the Producers, their agents and assigns harmless from any and all claims, demands and liabilities arising from any materials submitted by such Participants, including without limitation any claims related to breach of any right of publicity, invasion of privacy, infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property, infliction of emotional distress, libel or defamation.

As a condition of submitting any videos, participants must sign (and if the participant is a minor, their parent or legal guardian must also sign) a release in the form provided by the Producers to memorialize the assignment and other terms set forth in these Terms & Conditions.

Other Terms & Conditions

In their sole discretion, the Producers reserve the right to modify, suspend, cancel, or terminate the Program in the event the fairness or conduct of the Program is impaired for any reason. Individuals who tamper with or attempt to tamper with the operation or submission process of the Program or violate these Terms & Conditions will be disqualified from eligibility. The Producers reserve the right to maintain the integrity of the Program and to disqualify submissions for any reason, including, but not limited to plagiarism or copyright infringement, non-original or offensive content, or any other reason.

Limitation of Liability

Submission of video(s) constitutes Participant’s agreement to release and hold harmless the Producers and their subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, etc., against all claims for loss, liability, illness, injury, death, or other damage that occurs directly or indirectly from participation in the Program.


Submission of videos and participation in the Program is governed by the laws of Colorado without respect to conflict of law doctrines. In the event any dispute arises in connection with the Program, such dispute may be brought only in the courts of Denver, Colorado, and the parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of and venue in such courts. Participants hereby waive all rights to punitive, incidental, or consequential damages and waive all rights to have damages multiplied or increased. The prevailing party in any dispute shall be entitled to recover its costs and expenses of such action, including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees, from the non-prevailing party.

Privacy Policy

All personal information submitted with any video is subject to the Privacy Policy set forth on the The Social Dilemma website and available at

Contact Information.

For any questions or comments related to the Program, please contact Exposure Labs using the web contact form at, by email at, or via mail at P.O. Box 18930, Boulder, CO 80308.