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Classroom resources to inspire future humane tech leaders

Gen Z – the most socially and politically active generation yet – is key to reforming Big Social’s toxic business model. With The Social Dilemma as a jumping off point, we hope these resources will empower them to demand and create better technology for us all. Our featured resources were created in collaboration with educators and students and are designed to be adaptable for middle, high school, and college levels. 

classroom debate resource

Created in partnership with Newsweek and Washington and Boston Urban Debate League members, this resource guides students in studying the tenets of argumentation and hosting a debate to advocate a solution to Big Social’s business model. By debating what to do about our toxic information ecosystem, students will drive at the heart of a societal issue that is eroding our ability to engage in constructive discourse.


Created for and with young people, the Gen Z Action Guide offers students a structured compilation of discussion prompts and investigative activities to dive into the problem and take part in the solution. You can find the webpage – designed for direct student access – below, or a printable version you can share with your class here.


The Center for Humane Technology has created a robust educational curriculum, including issue and action guides, for educators and schedule districts to help high school and college students navigate — and push to change — our broken social media environment.

BONUS interview CLIPS

Our team has created several short bonus clips that draw from interviews conducted in the production of the film to dive deeper into different facets of our shared dilemma. 


Get free access to screen the full film or our new 40-minute educational edition along with our classroom materials.

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OTHER Resources


Raised by YouTube

An extensive, important read on how YouTube is affecting young people.

The Atlantic


Checkology Curriculum: Conspiratorial Thinking

This module of News Literacy Project’s Checkology curriculum features The Social Dilemma film subject and Stanford Internet Observatory Research Manager Renée DiResta.

News Literacy Project


Scrutinizing the Effects of Digital Technology on Mental Health

This article includes film subject Jonathan Haidt’s research on social media use and mental health in teens; you can find more of Haidt’s research here.



The Truth About Algorithms

Film subject, mathematician and author of Weapons of Math Destruction Cathy O’Neil explains in two minutes what algorithms are and why they matter in our daily lives.



Digital Citizenship Guide

Common Sense Media has created comprehensive free lesson plans on digital citizenship and wellbeing for educators.

Common Sense Media


The Misinformation Medic

See the different “faces” behind social media’s Misinformation Pandemic, and use their Misinformation Checklist for spotting fact from fiction. 

The Misinformation Medic