The Dilemma

The problem beneath all other problems

Technology’s promise to keep us connected has given rise to a host of unintended consequences that are catching up with us. If we can’t address our broken information ecosystem, we’ll never be able to address the challenges that plague humanity.

A 5,000 person study found that higher social media use correlated with self-reported declines in mental and physical health and life satisfaction.

American Journal of Epidemiology, 2017

Persuasive design techniques like push notifications and infinite scroll have created a feedback loop that keeps us hooked.


The # of countries with political disinformation campaigns on social media doubled in the past two years.

the new York Times

Surveillance-based advertising and amplification gives bad actors the tools to sow unrest and fuel political divisions.

64% of the people who joined extremist groups on Facebook did so because the algorithms steered them there.

Internal Facebook report

Algorithms promote content that sparks outrage, hate, and amplifies biases within the data that we feed them.


Questioning your beliefs

Aza Raskin – Center for Humane Technology, Co-Founder

Renée DiResta – Stanford Internet Observatory, Research Manager

The Twitter-fication of our world

Maryanne Wolf – Director, UCLA Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, & Social Justice

Choosing technology mindfully

Justin Rosenstein – Former Engineer, Facebook & Co-Founder, Asana

Social media is not free

Justin Rosenstein – Former Engineer, Facebook & Co-Founder, Asana

Information as food

Dr. Adam Gazalley – Univ. of California, Prof. of Neurology, Psychology & Psychiatry

Your brain on social media

Dr. Anna Lembke – Stanford University, School of Medicine

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