3 tips from Tim Kendall on reclaiming your screen time

Remember film subject Tim Kendall’s story about using a Kitchen Safe™ to control his screen time? The CEO of screen time management app Moment shares some simple, but powerful tips (that don’t include putting your phone under lock and key).

1. Understand your usage

Like Dr. Anna Lembke’s kids in the film, most people think they use their phones a lot less than they do. A recent study found that the average person spends over 4 hours a day on their device, that’s a full quarter of their waking hours. And, given the increased time we’re spending inside to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that number is likely to now be higher. Use your phone’s built-in screentime app (Screentime on iPhone, Digital Wellbeing on Androids) or install the Moment app for additional tracking features.

2. Shut off notifications

63. That’s the number of push notifications that studies suggest the average person gets each day. Just by turning off notifications, you can dramatically limit how these persuasive design techniques beckon you back to your phone while you’re in the middle of the rest of your life.

3. Create limits

Finally, it’s now time to set some limits that will help you focus your usage on the apps, the times, and the spaces that will be most productive for you.

  • App limits – restricting how much time you spend with specific apps
  • Time limits – refraining from using your phone during dinner or the first hour after waking up
  • Room limits – not bringing your phone into spaces you want to keep sacred like your bedroom